September 1, 1864

another lovely day we all went to Fort Hamilton, had a nice time, Cousin Mary went home after tea

September 2, 1864

a clear pleasant day, quite warm, bottling tomatoes, out with Mary and Charles making calls, out at Prayer meeting in the evening

September 3, 1864

a clear pleasant day, cloudy before night, out after dinner, every thing gloomy, always sad when walking out alone at Night fall

September 4, 1864

rain has come at last, out at Church, open for the first time. Mr Storrs, how pleasant to meet old faces again, rain all day, out in the evening

September 5, 1864

a rainy morning, rain’d all night, out at prayer meeting, Mary and I busy preparing work, out in the evening at Mrs Wells, very pleasant

September 6, 1864

still raining, very busy with my pickles, Mary has gone to New York, brought home M. Gillet, pleasant to have someone come

September 7, 1864

a clear lovely day, making calculations about going East H [East Haddam], Gussie came to Church, also Mrs Brown, attended Mrs. West’s funeral

September 8, 1864

cool and pleasant, Mary G[illett] and M L helping peel peaches to do with brandy [?] I have finished them and they look nice. M.G. gone home.

September 9, 1864

rained in the night but clear’d off quite pleasant and warmer, get ready to go to East Haddam, went over and did not meet the Gilletts, returned home again went to meeting in the evening

September 10, 1864

cloudy and warm, went over to New York and sail’d in the City of Hartford without the G’s. I am sorry I have I might much better have staid at home, a lovely moonlight night and the night pass’d very pleasantly

September 11, 1864
arrived at E Haddam 3 PM, had to ride 10 miles started in the dark rode 6 miles before I could see any thing and then the Sun commenced rising in all its glory, but was soon over cottoned, it has rain’d all day, I wish I was home.

September 12, 1864

a cool rainy day, some attempt at clearing once or twice, the sun appeared at sundown, sitting with Aunt C, all day very lonely, Mrs. Hall came in the evening, we argued a little which I shall avoid in future

September 13, 1864

another rainy morning, cannot go out, a circus has arrived and it has been
quite amusing to see the street, it has not rain’d steady, Sim and Lottie call in the evening. Oh! sad and lonely, no boys

September 14, 1864

clear and beautiful, Mary Gillet has arrived, Mrs. Weeks call’d in the evening, Ma?? A Taintor, Sophia, Lydia Johnson & Frances Hall call’d, went to bed excessively tired

September 15, 1864

another lovely day, Miss Hall took us to the Hill today, Clarissa with me, M C. gone to Russells. We have had a nice time.

September 16, 1864

another glorious morn, how all things show the works of the Great Creator, in the City we see the works of Man. I have been up street today, saw old friends & old places, home at noon, spent the afternoon with Mrs. Hall.

September 17, 1864

still pleasant slight frost in the night. Saw a Hawk hover [?] upon a chicken he did not catch it, a long listless day, some calls

September 18, 1864

cloudy somewhat went to Meeting twice had a pleasant stroll in the Grave Yard, saw tombs of people dead a century ago, the name almost
obliterated, rain’d all night and I slept some

September 19, 1864

clear’d at 11, started in the stage 6 oclock for Hartford, arrived there about 10 in the cars had a pleasant trip, found Aunt L quite feeble, left there ¼ past 9 for home by Cars and steam B from New Haven [?]

September 20, 1864

arrived this morning, the weather clear and perfectly splendid, found all well, I am glad to get home.

September 21, 1864

another lovely day, over to Lottie Browns wedding, had a nice time, came home awfully tired

September 22, 1864

a damp cloudy day but the company came from New York and lunch’d with us, great confusion, M Gillet staid with us

September 23, 1864

raining most all day, busy making tomatoe catsup, excessively tired

September 24, 1864

still damp and cloudy, scalded my pickles, M Gillet went home, William Worthington and wife came and spent the Sabbath with us, clear’d
in the evening

September 25, 1864

clear and cold, extremely so went to Mr. Backus church in the morning to my own in the evening. How much more solemn it appears in my own church.

September 26, 1864

clear and pleasant, growing warmer. Mrs. Gillet came, very busy dressmaking.

September 27, 1864

a lovely mild day, Katie & Mrs. Chase came and we had a nice time. Mrs. C. staid, Mrs. Wells and Mary spent the evening here.

September 28, 1864

a beautiful morning, we took M Gillet down to Coney Island in the open car, it was perfectly lovely, rain’d some in the afternoon, set in to rain in the night, went to Mr. Putnam’s installation

September 29, 1864

a rainy morning warm and close, Mrs. C went home early, Mrs. G in the Afternoon, Charles and Mary call’d in the evening, some appearance of clear weather

September 30, 1864

a damp disagreeable day, very busy preserving pears, the girls Mad and going away, perhaps they will be sorry, out in the evening at prayer meeting still damp but warmer, baking and attending to my pickling, went up stairs excessively tired, set in for rain storm, swept the parlor


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