October 1, 1864

raining hard all day but not cold, out at Church all day

October 2, 1864

cloudy and damp, very busy dress making, Mrs. Brown here, the Taintor boys here, spent a pleasant evening

October 3, 1864

still cloudy and damp, over to town with Mary, our girls [the servants] are to leave us tomorrow, Mrs. Chase here

October 4, 1864

rather more pleasant the sun shining at intervals, philharmonic ?? rehearsal, Mary [Cary?] has left us, I hope she may do better.

October 5, 1864

A dismal damp drizzly day. Ann Murphy brought her trunks, she will commence tomorrow. Oh! dear what work, what a pity we cannot do all right. We had a delightful meeting this morning all praise.

October 6, 1864

a clear warm morning perfectly splendid. Ann has not come and I am disappointed, very busy with my mangoes and many other things. Oh! how tired I am, wearing away.

October 7, 1864

a clear cool morning, all nature rejoicing, Ann came last evening. I like her. I hope we shall agree.

October 8, 1864

a cold day somewhat cloudy and windy

October 9, 1864

clear and pleasant, Charlie Emilie and I went to babie Lottie’s party [Hyde?]

October 10, 1864

a most glorious day, Mr. Wood married, the weather perfectly lovely…

October 12, 1864

a cloudy morning, went to the wedding and it came on to rain, it is now rainy, pouring

October 13, 1864

a clear cold day, came up very windy and cold, M and I call’d on Mrs. Hall and Miss Taintor

October 14, 1864

another windy cold day, indeed, too unpleasant to go out

October 15, 1864

Mary gone to New York, Mrs. B gone on with Jessie, I out with Charlie, came home very tired indeed, A very pleasant day less windy.

October 16, 1864

Cloudy and cold, appearance of rain, out at churchMr. Storrs preach’d morning & evening, clear’d at night fall

October 17, 1864

a lovely day, more moderate, M. Bulkeley and Eunice call’d

October 18, 1864

clear and pleasant, more moderate, very busy dressmaking, Mary hat making

October 19, 1864

a lovely morning, a large fire at the fulton ferry, flour mills burning, Mary and I went to Mrs. Gracie’s in the evening

October 20, 1864

clear, cool and pleasant, Kitty Brown gone on her way rejoicing, Katie Walker
here, had a pleasant visit, M

October 21, 1864

another lovely morning, more moderate, Mary and I out in the afternoon, McClellan torchlight procession

October 22, 1864

damp and cloudy but not cold, came on to rain about 11 o’clock, made
fire in sitting room for the first time because the sun does not shine, Mrs. Brown gone home

October 23, 1864

a clear lovely day, no fire, out at ChurchMiss Vail dined with us

October 24, 1864

a hazy morning, mild day heavy shower at night fall, Mary and I went to hear John S. C. Abbot lecture

October 25, 1864

a cool windy morning, but more pleasant through the day, attended a meeting in our lecture room to talk on Missionary Matters, had a very pleasant time

October 26, 1864

a cloudy day but not cold, went to Rehearsal, took Charlie and he behaved well, clean’d dining room in the morning.

October 27, 1864

mild and cloudy, appearance of rain, took Charlie and Mary out at Newell wedding, came on to rain at night

October 28, 1864

a rainy morning, sun came out and was soon overcast again, an awful wind storm came on, damage done in the way of blowing down houses, trees, etc.

October 29, 1864

cloudy and windy, some rain, wash’d all my plant pots and arranged them but have not taken them in

October 30, 1864

raw and cloudy and windy, clear’d at night, Mrs. Morse went to Church with me, Mr. Hatfield preached

October 31, 1864

a cloudy day, windy and raw in the afternoon, too much so to take Charlie out, procession in the evening, the weather calm in the evening


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