November 1, 1864

cloudless day, cool but pleasant

November 2, 1864

a very pleasant day, cool, Katie Walker came and spent the day with us, attended the 13 regimental ball in the evening

November 3, 1864

a raw cloudy day, very busy sewing, out at sewing society in the evening, some rain, meeting at Mrs. Storrs

November 4, 1864

a very rainy morning, not cold, it clear’d at noon, Mrs. Chase came. Copperhead procession

November 5, 1864

clear and pleasant, our large stove put up but not any fire as yet

November 6, 1864

clear and very cold to be without fire, out at Church 3 times, cloudy in the evening

November 7, 1864

a mild rainy morning, continued sunny all day, went to Prayer Meeting in the morning

November 8, 1864

another mild rainy morn, cleared up somewhat in the afternoon, M & I call’d on Mrs. Brush [?]. Election day, I hope we may win

November 9, 1864

still damp and mild, out at Philharmonic in the afternoon

November 10, 1864

still rainy and mild for the season, Mrs. Chase came and we are very busy. Emilie at Mrs Kelley’s little party, a clear pleasant evening

November 11, 1864

damp and mild, cleared at noon, pleasant afternoon and evening

November 12, 1864

a lovely morning, I thought we were actually to have Indian summer, but no such thing, it clouded up at noon and now, 9 o’clock, is raining

November 13, 1864

clear and extremely cold, out at church twice

November 14, 1864

clear and cold, the first frost in our imediate vicinity, went over to Katie Walker’s, suffered much with the cold

November 15, 1864

the sun arose clear but soon overcast, the first snow soon turned to rain, more moderate, fire made in our heater for the first time

November 16, 1864

clear and frozen ground, eat breakfast without any fire, went to prayer meeting, a clear lovely day but cool, Emilie at Woodruff’s party

November 17, 1864

the ground frozen slightly, the fore part of the day lovely, sewing society at Mrs. Humphries, had a pleasant time, drizzly all the afternoon

November 18, 1864

a mild rainy morning, it has continued, too rainy to go out to meeting, no fire

November 19, 1864

still damp, looks like clearly, it has clear’d of a beautiful clear evening, Mary & Charles down to Widow Loomis, no fire

November 20, 1864

cloudy damp morning, came on to rain at noon, I did not go out in the evening, raining all day, no fire in basement

November 21, 1864

another damp raining, mild for the season, raining throughout the day, no fire

November 22, 1864

cold pleasant day, I have been out to call on Mrs. Taintor, and in the evening to see Eunice, growing cold

November 23, 1864

clear and quite cold, hard frost, out at Philharmonic, up to Mrs. Dogherty’s, the Weather is extremely cold now at 11 o’clock, fire in basement

November 24, 1864

Thanksgiving, clear and hard frost, out at Church, heard a splendid sermon from R. S. Storrs, lonely at home. Oh! how lonely, fire in basement

November 25, 1864

a clear lovely day, more moderate, cleaning my room, Mrs. Chase here, fire too warm in basement, commenced my coal stove fire

November 26, 1864

a glorious morning, thawing, no fire, cloudy up in the afternoon, Mary over to New York to buy things, no fire

November 27, 1864

Hazy and mild, red sunrise, Mr. Storrs preached a very impressive sermon, in the evening Mr. Thompson preached. No fire in heater.

November 28, 1864

a perfectly glorious morning, mild as april, red sun, clouded up in the evening, Mary and Children out at fair

November 29, 1864

early, cloudy and damp, and warm, clear’d of splendidly, E and I out at the fair in the evening, warm and damp

November 30, 1864

damp and warm, perfectly splendid after breakfast and continued so, out at the Old ladies home, Hellen Phelps married


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