May 1, 1864

a lovely day, more like spring, Mr. Storrs preached a very impressive sermon, communion, we have had fine music, wrote to Aunty

May 2, 1864

a pleasant day, very busy sewing in the morning out with Charlie in the afternoon, cold and unpleasant, when will we have warm weather?

May 3, 1864

cleaning dining room closet, out in the afternoon making calls, windy cool and unpleasant

May 4, 1864

rather more pleasant, out at M. Chittenden’s wedding and to Philharmonic, the evening, summer weather (?)

May 5, 1864

a lovely day, cleaned the dining room and Silver, out in the evening to hear Moses in Egypt

May 6, 1864

a very pleasant day, more busy preparing for company, they came and I spent a uncomfortable evening not feeling well

May 7, 1864

a lovely warm day, real summer weather. Charlie and I went down to Greenwood, a shower came up at sundown and clear’d up cooler

May 8, 1864

a splendid day, warm for the season, out at church and I wish I could live differently, it seems as though such sermons might awaken me

May 9, 1864

another hot day, a storm came up about 6, clear’d off pleasant

May 10, 1864

a very hot day, preparing for company, Annie Colman call’d, good bye to her. Our company came and we had a pleasant time

May 11, 1864

a pleasant day out at the rehearsal, took Charlie, came home and found Gussie & Louie here, our folks out at the Art reception

May 12, 1864

Miss Vail here, cleaning the girls room, damp & unpleasant. Mrs Austin took dinner with us, all out at the Congregational union, heard some very fine speeches

May 13, 1864

another damp lowering day, took Charlie over in the afternoon to see the pictures at the Acadamy, went down St. Our folks at Marie Loomis’s.

May 14, 1864

showering all day, very unpleasant but fine for plants and the country, out at the P[hilharmonic] concert, rain rain rain

May 15, 1864

still rain rain, out at church, Our folks in the choir, wrote to Mrs. Brown, the times cause me to feel very gloomy

May 16, 1864

Damp and disagreeable, clean’d Mary’s closet, over to New York to Dr. Crane’s with Mary, Mary went to hear Barney Williams

May 17, 1864

clear’d in the morning, a lovely afternoon & evening, cleaned Mary’s closet and my own

May 18, 1864

a cloudy day, some thundery appearing rain, bought my Shawl, 10 oclock warming quite fast

May 19, 1864

a very pleasant day, cleaning my front room, Mary, E. & Charlie over to New York, the folks down to Mrs. Dou’s in the evening

May 20, 1864

another lovely warm day, the girls cleaning Emilie’s room and upper stairs, out at church in the evening, Mary in bed all day with a ??

May 21, 1864

clear and warm, Charlie and I down to GreenwoodKatie and Mary over to New York, in the evening all very tired, went to bed, very sad indeed, why is it so?

May 22, 1864

still clear and warm like midsummer, the weather changed in the after part of the day, had 2 excellent sermons from Mr. Storrs, Our music very fine

May 23, 1864

cool and pleasant, H W M & I and Charlie down to Greenwood. Oh, it is lovely there. White & green, with dog wood and spirea, out at the Orphan Asylum Exhibition

May 24, 1864

a damp, drizzling day, clean’d my little room, Dear Charlie not well at all, it may be that he walked too much yesterday, a very gloomy day

May 25, 1864

another drizzly day, the 14th [Regiment] coming home, great excitement. Gussie, Lottie etc. down a little whiles, a very fatiguing day, dear Charlie better, how strange it is that we should be so very ???

May 26, 1864

a real rainy day, Our plastering fell from the upper ceiling, continued raining all day

May 27, 1864

a very pleasant day. Katy came in the afternoon, getting along nicely with our sewing

May 28, 1864

a lovely day, K. Walker and Mary over to town to
see Pictures, Katy come home and took tea with us

May 29, 1864

a clear cool day, extremely pleasant, G. B. Hall buried, a large funeral, not out in the evening

May 30, 1864

a very pleasant day, accomplished a great deal of work in the way of dressmaking, a bad cold

May 31, 1864

a lovely warm day, very busy in Mary’s room, out in the afternoon making calls


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