March 1, 1864

Came on to snow in the morning.  I went to the fair early to help arrange things, Mary and I came home at noon.  I fell in Montague Street. Mrs. Chase came.

March 2, 1864

Clear and pleasant, thawing, Mary sick with taking McMunn.  I went to the fair early to buy a dress. M, Emily and I each have new ones.  The evening the greatest fun of all.

March 3, 1864

Started out at noon, the weather clear and pleasant, spent the afternoon in the Museum.

March 4, 1864

Clear and pleasant, at the pin cushion stand [at the fair] in the morning.  Mrs. Chase and I out in the evening for her to see the end.

March 5, 1864

Up early to finish baking so as to go and help, selling all day until 6 Oclock, another lonely evening at home.  Snowed hard in the evening.

March 6, 1864

A lovely spring day, Mary at home until evening not well at all.  I staid at home in the evening to let her go out , dismal times at home

March 7, 1864

Out early to buy dolls, clear and pleasant, in the academy all day, at home alone in the evening, clear and pleasant

March 8, 1864

Clear and pleasant, in the morning, cloudy in the after part of the day, out in the morning, busy, came home and found Gussie took Charlie to the fair in the afternoon, the fair has closed.

March 10, 1864

cloudy damp and disagreeable all day, came on to rain at six oclock, Mary very miserable indeed

March 11, 1864

A warm morning, continues all day drizzling, Mrs. Chase call’d, Mary out at the Calico ball, cleared at midnight

March 12, 1864

A lovely march day, out with Charlie and his mother to buy shoes, Mrs. Brown at Mrs. Nelsons

March 13, 1864

A lovely morning, Mr. Storrs preached an impressive sermon on putting your trust in God and that I try to do at all times.

March 14, 1864

A pleasant March day, at home all day, Charles Taintor died at Buffalo.

March 15, 1864

A lovely morning, clear and cloudy, through the day several snow squalls, clear’d at night.

March 16, 1864

A cold frosty morning, squally and unpleasant throughout the day.  Philharmonic, Chs B. Austin called.

March 17, 1864

Another cold frosty morning, rather more moderate in the after  part of the day

March 18, 1864

A cold morning but no frost, a very disagreeable day, very high wind, all going to hear Curtis lecture, have been delighted it was a splendid lecture

March 19, 1864

Cool, clear and pleasant, Mary over to New York, I out making calls, C & Mary Bill call’d in the evening

March 20, 1864

Quite cold all day, in the evening, quite a tempest of wind,  Mrs. Brown with us

March 21, 1864

Cold and frosty, a most disagreeable day, freezing at noon in the sun.  H. P. [Morgan] and wife here in the evening

March 22, 1864

Still hard frost, cold extreme, I hope it will moderate soon, the poor must suffer so, most entirely unprepared for it, the evening, very high wind

March 23, 1864

Still frosty and cold, windy in the afternoon, Uncle Charles dined here

March 24, 1864

Clear d slight frost, Mrs. Morse came in to invite us there , quite cold all day

March 25, 1864

Good, milder pleasant in the forenoon, cloudy and unpleasant in the afternoon, both girls out

March 26, 1864

A rainy day, steady from noon until night

March 27, 1864

A lovely clear day, slight frost in the morning, Mr. Storrs preached two splendid Easter sermons.  Silas Butler buried, Charles first going to church.

March 28, 1864

clear and pleasant, out at Owen Lovejoy’s funeral.  Mrs. Chase call’d and Gussie, all at home in the evening

March 29, 1864

Rainy, damp and disagreeable, out in the evening, clear and lovely, call’d on Billy Bulkeley, commenced housecleaning

March 30, 1864

Another rainy day, Gussie call’d, out at Philharmonic in a driving rainstorm

March 31, 1864

Still damp and drizzling, Mary with a bad headache trimming and arranging pictures, Mrs. Brown and I call’d on Mrs. Hondlow, our folks at Vails.


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