June 1, 1864

clear and extremely hot, cleaning Mary’s room, a slight thunderstorm, more cold some better

June 2, 1864

a dismal rainy day, the man mending the plastering and whitening Mary’s room, down in the evening about my hoopskirt, C B Loomis out on an excursion

June 3, 1864

clear and pleasant, Mrs. Chase here, we took a walk down Atlantic St. with Charlie

June 4, 1864

a pleasant day, did my baking, sewed all the morning, attempted to go out in the afternoon and fainted in a store, came home feeling badly

June 5, 1864

quite poorly, took 2 blue pills, I am in hope I shall feel better, rainy most of the day

June 6, 1864

a clear pleasant morning, C B. Loomis gone to Baltimore, Mary over to Williamsburg, quite a thunderstorm. I am not feeling well at all, perhaps I never shall be well again

June 7, 1864

clear and pleasant, all alone, Mary & I, I feel some what better but very weak

June 8, 1864

clear and pleasant, Mrs. Chase came calling, Mr. Reed call’d, in the  afternoon it became unpleasant and rained all night

June 9, 1864

warm and damp, clear’d at noon, and came on to storm again, clear in the evening, Mary, Emily & Charlie down to Grand Pa’s

June 10, 1864

a clear cold day, invited out to H. P. Morgans, extremely cold, in the evening, Mr. Loomis returned in the morning

June 11, 1864

another cool day, Mrs. Chase came, we went down to Greenwood, it was delightful there, I was excessively tired. I fear I shall never be able to ramble on the grounds as in times past

June 12, 1864

cool, some appearance of rain, slight showers, Mr. Storrs preach’d very impressive sermons.

June 13, 1864

a clear cool day. Mary out making calls in the afternoon and Oh! how sad, heard of the Death of Annie Rodman [link]. Young and lovely to look upon. I certainly sympathize with her mother.

June 14, 1864

over to Katie’s, spent as pleasant a day as could be expected on account of the children, a lovely day

June 15, 1864

a clear pleasant day, attended the funeral of Annie Rodman, the services very impressive, commenced cleaning the parlour, out to Williams[burgh?]

June 16, 1864

another lovely day, cleaning all the morning, the weather grown quite hot,
the folks out with Charles to buy him a hat

June 17, 1864

still warm and pleasant, busy preparing the folks for New Burgh

June 18, 1864

a lovely day, all started for Newburgh about one and I am all alone

June 19, 1864

cool and pleasant out, at church in the morning, R. Storrs Sen. Preached very impressively, a dear good old gentleman, appearance of rain

June 20, 1864

a lovely clear day, varnishing all the morning, very lonely, our folks are having a good time, determined I will go out to morrow

June 21, 1864

another splendid day, rather cooler than yesterday, went out to make calls but instead spent the day at C E Bill’s, very pleasantly

June 22, 1864

very pleasant, entirely alone, both girls gone to a pic nic, the folks returned in the evening

June 23, 1864

very warm, Mary and Charlie and I out making calls, clean’d the storeroom in the morning, the afternoon excessively hot

June 24, 1864

still hot, had a row with Mary Cary, Mr. Tiffany dined here, the Polytechnic broke up [for summer vacation]

June 25, 1864

very hot indeed, not baking, everything is so clean and it is so warm. Henry Taintor and Sarah call’d, no coolness

June 26, 1864

Still very hot, out at church, as cool there as any where, we should not murmur (?) when we think of our poor Soldiers. Oh! how they are suffering, thermometer in church 79 this morning

June 27, 1864

a clear beautiful day, much cooler, not feeling well, taking medicine, Kate E.[?] here

June 28, 1864

clear and pleasant, Mary and I out making calls with Charlie, feeling much better

June 29, 1864

Still clear and pleasant, Mary over to Gussie’sCharlie sick in the afternoon

June 30, 1864

cloudy but very pleasant. C. Walker, Mrs. Chace, Emilie and I over to Trinity cemetery and High Bridge, some rain but not much.


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