July 1, 1864

growing hot again, a miserable [memorable?] day to me [the date her son died in 1861]

July 2, 1864

a thundershower in the morning, cloudy all day, feeling quite sad, disappointed in not going to Greenwood.

July 3, 1864

a lovely cool day, out at Church, much interested in the sermon, Communion in the afternoon, Gussie came over at tea time.

July 4, 1864

a glorious day but Oh! so sad, Gussie with us which makes it pleasant

July 5, 1864

another splendid day, cool and bright, Mary over to town with Gussie, and Charlie and I are all alone

July 6, 1864

some appearance of rain, Emilie and I over to Gussie’s, had a pleasant time, came home to dinner, the Weather clear’d and was quite warm

July 7, 1864

slight showers, Emilie over to Williamsburgh, spent a pleasant day with Katie

July 8, 1864

clear and hot, Charlie and the folks out after tea and I out to meeting, some rain

July 9, 1864

a clear clear summers day, Mary & Charles to Orange to look for board, Charlie and I down to Greenwood, Oh! how delightful it is there, the stillness only broken by the song of bird

July 10, 1864

a clear hot day, out at Church, wrote to Auntie in the evening, heard a very impressive sermon, thunder storm at night

July 11, 1864

an excessively hot day, our folks gone to Coney Island with Nellie Bligh and I am all alone with my thoughts

July 12, 1864

a clear warm day

July 13, 1864

a clear pleasant day, the Loomis & Morgan children here to tea, a lovely evening, some appearance of rain

July 14, 1864

went out to call on Billy [Bulkeley], excessively hot, clouding up at noon but no rain, Mrs. Griggs here, Katie started for Canada

July 15, 1864

a clear pleasant day, Gussie came at noon, great Explosion of Saltpetre. G call’d home by telegraph. Our folks down to C. E. Bill in the evening

July 16, 1864

Hot and dry still no baking, sewing all the forenoon

July 17, 1864

a lovely day, out at Church, wrote to Mrs. Brown, the Evening sermon by Dr. Stone very impressive

July 18, 1864

rather cooler but no rain but Oh! I am sad and lonely, ill natured and cross, without one to love me, what have I done, “There is rest for the weary,” will there be rest for me?

July 19, 1864

a clear hot day, canning Pine apples, Mrs. Chase here, Mary over to New York, walk’d out after tea

July 20, 1864

still hot and dry, the sun & Moon almost obscured by haze or smoke

July 21, 1864

still hot dry and dusty, down to Coney IslandMrs. Chace, Emilie and I had a good time

July 22, 1864

the weather has changed, it is much cooler, hot at night again

July 23, 1864

hot and dry every thing burning up cooler towards evening

July 24, 1864

cooler and very pleasant, it will rain soon. Mr. Mead from South Hadley preach’d, but few of our people there

July 25, 1864

rain! rain! rain! at last it is coming down Oh! how Merrily, Charlie cross

July 26, 1864

no rain today coming off hot again, to lunch at Mrs. Collombs’, we had a nice time and was in it” call’d on Mrs. W. A. Green probably for the last time

July 27, 1864

hot again, Eliza out and Mary over come with Ironing, all very busy

July 28, 1864

a very hot day, Mary Carey [?] sick in bed, Charlie very sweet, the folks start tomorrow, all the neighbours gone except the Morse family

July 29, 1864

a lovely morning something like rain. Our people have started, Mary L not well. I am anxious about her I hope I shall hear soon.

July 30, 1864

extremely hot and dry, went to Greenwood with Eliza, had a pleasant time there

July 31, 1864

still hot and dry all alone, both girls out, I do not feel as bad as I did about
being alone


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