February 7, 1864

Commenced grows, cold, out at church, Mary home with a headache

February 12, 1864

Cloudy morning, clear’d away. Gussie over at our house, at the Polytechnic in the evening, Mary in bed all day with a headache.

February 13, 1864

Mild for the season, Dear Charlie B. died at Alexandria at 5 o’clock [Charlie Bulkeley]

February 14, 1864

A lovely day, mild as summer, I had quite a gale in the afternoon of the day, Mrs. Robinson was call’d in the evening, grown cold.

February 15, 1864

A pleasant day, very busy at fair booth. I wish it was over, growing very cold. Mrs. Chase at our house.

February 16, 1864

Some snow and very high wind, a tremendous squall at 5 oclock, Gussie over to go to the 13th Regt. Ball. Still growing colder.

February 17, 1864

The most severe morning of the season, cold, windy and black out. At Mrs. Humphrey’s, never suffered so much with cold before. Miss Jackson at our house, out reception.

February 18, 1864

Still cold but sun shining, packing up on things for the fair, at the Academy for part of the day.

February 19, 1864

Continues cold out, at the Academy helping, the evening not quite so cold.

February 20, 1864

Somewhat milder, full of excitement about the fair. Made crullers for it. Appearance of a storm, it will probably snow.

February 21, 1864

Mild and beautiful, a great change. Charles Taintor and son Edward dined with us, cloudy in the evening. Looks like rain.

February 22, 1864

Warm, hazy and damp, busy until 3 at the A. The turn out of Military quite fine at the Atheneam to see Tableaux, in the Evening appearance of rain. Mrs. Cat our house.

February 23, 1864

Another hazy morning, clear and lovely through the day, appearance of rain at night. Mrs. C & Emily at Tableaux.

February 24, 1864

Warm and rainy, slightly clear’d before 10 oclock, a lovely day, no fire in basement.

February 25, 1864

A lovely morning, clouded up at noon, set in to rain about 5 oclock, continued all night.

February 26, 1864

Rain turned to snowing, Gussie here. Cleared in the afternoon, quite cold, Mrs. Chase and I at the Academy in the evening.

February 27, 1864

A clear lovely day, cool, our girls out at the Academy all day, I went in the evening alone.

February 28, 1864

A dark lowering day threatening rain but has not commenced at 10 oclock, I have heard two impressive sermons today, one from Mr. Eells.

February 29, 1864

Stormed some most of the day, out at the fair after noon, quite a crowd there, in the evening took Emily and we sat with the Boys.


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