December 1, 1864

clear and cold, no frost, no fire, Charlie out without leggings, rather cold sitting still

December 2, 1864

cloudy and damp, mild, over to New York to see Gussie with Mrs. Chase, attended Mrs. Dwight’s funeral, and Morgan fair, came on to rain in the evening, small fire in my room, fire in basement, 5 times up to this date

December 3, 1864

a mild drizzly day, made crullers for the Morgan fair, took a long walk in the mud down to Bridge streetMary out at the Opera, no fire in B[asement]

December 4, 1864

mild and clear, out at Church, Mr. Storrs preached 2 excellent sermons, the evening perfectly splendid

December 5, 1864

mild and pleasant, swept the parlors, and did various other things to make me tired, Gussie and her folks over in the evening, Pick’d 2 Belmont rose buds from off the fence, small fire in the basement

December 6, 1864

mild, damp and showers, it has cleared this evening, no fire below

December 7, 1864

a dark foggy morning, mild, we have no fire below, out at Philharmonic, and Orphans fair in the evening, still raining at 10 o’clock, Mrs. Chase came here

December 8, 1864

a clear glorious morning, continued to grow cold all day, at night high wind and extremely cold, out at sewing society, took in the plants, clothes froze on the line at noonday in the sun

December 9, 1864

clear and cold everything bound up with frost, a fire in the dining room, out at the ball at the Academy

December 10, 1864

A snowy morning, width [?] more moderate, came on to rain at noon, continued wet, at night out at Philharmonic

December 11, 1864

still raining and some frost, not out at church, no fire in basement, it is clearing now at 9 o’clock

December 12, 1864

a severe windy ice bound morning, continued extremely cold all day, Mrs. Chasewent home

December 13, 1864

not Windy, little more moderate, clouded up towards night, Mary out at ? Association

December 14, 1864

snowed before day light and turned into rain and thawing, cleared oat 12 o’clock, now at 10 O’clock it is freezing fast, Henry Taintor call’d today

December 15, 1864

a pleasant morning, clear and cold, Charlie out, bought a bag of Buck wheat, weather changed toward night and came on to snow merrily, attended church Charity fair

December 16, 1864

a cloudy morning, considerable snow on the ground, thawing slowly, it is raining this evening

December 17, 1864

damp, dirty & disagreeable, the forenoon, also slippery, clear’d at noon, M & I went to the Academy to see the pictures, bought butter and apples

December 18, 1864

clear and mild, walking very wet, Proffessor [sic] Brown preached for us, Mr. & Mrs. Sherman took tea with us, cloudy in the evening

December 19, 1864

a rainy day, truly [?], continued to rain all day, C & M down to Mary Bills to spend the evening, not raining, clear’d off, cold and high wind at night

December 20, 1864

a clear frosty morning, lovely, Katie and Mrs. Chase came, ? concert at Academy, out buying presents

December 21, 1864

raining hard moderate we went to the Rehearsal the weather clear’d before 10 o’clock

December 22, 1864

a clear cold morning, it has been growing cold all day, putting down Mary’s carpet, getting off Box to Buffalo, awful cold

December 23, 1864

not quite so cold, clear and pleasant, Emilie’s exhibition, out making purchases, our folks down at the church to see the dressing, baked a fruit cake

December 24, 1864

a little milder, busy baking pies and cake, out with Charlie to party next door

December 25, 1864

milder, still a perfectly lovely day

December 26, 1864

a dismal rainy snowy, quite mild, Gussie came over with Lewis. We spent a pleasant day, dined at ½ past 3, Mrs. Chase came

December 27, 1864

another damp mixed foggy morning having a nice visit from Gussie, Mrs. Chase went home, the little girls came and had a good time

December 28, 1864

foggy and damp still, some rain, Emilie invited down to Charles Bills, the fog clear’d on the after part of the day, heavy rain late in the evening

December 29, 1864

cooler, cloudy and threatening but clear before 11 o’clock, we all went over to Gussie’s had a very pleasant time, the evening splendid

December 30, 1864

a lovely morning, Mary and I out with Charlie, the weather changed and became unpleasant, Emilie out at Morgans

December 31, 1864

a snowy morning but not cold, clear’d somewhat before night


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