August 1, 1864

one of the hottest mornings I have felt this season at 11 o’clock at night every appearance of a thunder shower and I am Oh! so lonely

August 2, 1864

another very hot day but cloudy towards night, a very slight shower in the night

August 3, 1864

cooler some and shower.. Eliza sick a dreadful gloomy day

August 4, 1864

a damp warm day natural fast, went to the church on the Heights, was alone until 9 oclock, showers after sundown

August 5, 1864

close and damp, appearance of rain, Mrs. Chase came, M Hull & Lottie call’d, Mrs C G, I call’d on Mrs. Collomb, and had a pleasant walk, received letter from Auntie

August 6, 1864

still damp and close…busy dressmaking…the weather cleared at …we went down to ….[.illegible]….

August 7, 1864

clear hot day cool and pleasant this evening, I have been to church but once, we are like sheep gone astray

August 8, 1864

dry and hot, Eliza gone to Jersy, very busy dress making, Mr. Cleaveland call’d excessively hot copper, Sun & Moon went to High Bridge with Mr and Mrs. Morse

August 9, 1864

continues hot and dry,.all alone, too hot to [think?]…of going out

August 10, 1864

hotter today than yesterday, Mary Cary gone out and I am alone again, Uncle Charles call’d this evening, Henry Morgan also, quite pleasant to see some one

August 11, 1864

hotter than ever, still coppery, Aunt Rosetta spent the afternoon with me and I have been in and taken tea with them, but there is no place like home

August 12, 1864

Today the sun is entirely…the birds seem troubled…singular weather I have ever seen, it has been some…

August 13, 1864

a clear warm day, over to Gussie’s spent a pleasant day with her, returned home at 5 o’clock, had a pleasant evening, Mrs. Wells and Marycall’d, not so lonely, rain’d in the night

August 14, 1864

a clear hot day, out at Mr Willetts Church, Currie at home with me to dine but all alone from that time until 10

August 15, 1864

another hot day, Gussie and her sisters went with me to Greenwood, D… there. We head….time together….home and took tea….

August 16, 1864

pass’d a cool night, arose early, attended prayer meeting, went down to Coney Island with the Gilletts, had a nice time, saw a large fire in 9th street, did not arrive home until near 9 oclock

August 17, 1864

came on to rain ½ past 8 oclock showery all day some thunder warm all day but quite cool this evening at the prayer meeting this morning

August 18, 1864

clear’d in the night, a lovely cool morning, out at prayer meeting, I think I shall continue to go, now at 2 oclock it is cloudy, Mrs. Chase came here, Mrs. Loomis came here

August 19, 1864

a lovely morning, Mrs. Chase and I went to Evergreen Cemetery, had a nice time, went to Meeting in the evening

August 20, 1864

a lovely cool day out at the prayer meeting, and Sanitary rooms, sewing steady all day, sad sad and lonely tonight

August 21, 1864

a dismal rainy day all alone with Mary CaryCurrie gone to Bethlehem. I have not been to Church.

August 22, 1864

a damp morning, close and sultry, over to Gussie’s, lunch’d in Grand St and brought Cousin Mary Gillett home with me

August 23, 1864

a clear pleasant day canning peaches, weather growing warm, nights cool

August 24, 1864

clear and hot out at funeral in Holy Trinity, and making calls, took tea with Mrs. Hondlow. HPM & Frank came in the evening

August 25, 1864

clear and hot in the morning, thunder clouds at noon, very sultry, expecting our folks home – they have come, all well and happy, and so am I. Mrs. Chase here

August 26, 1864

clear and pleasant all day, rather more cool in the evening. Black berries have come for brandy.

August 27, 1864

cloudy and somewhat cooler, very busy making black berry Brandy

August 28, 1864

a lovely cool day, out at Mr. Willets church all day, heard 2 very impressive sermons

August 29, 1864

damp and cloudy, slight shower in the afternoon, cool at night

August 30, 1864

clear and pleasant, rather warm

August 31, 1864

very pleasant cool and clear, Cousin Mary came at noon


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