April 1, 1864

rather more pleasant, Charlie out with his Father, Mary over to New York fair, Mrs. Brownand I at prayer Meeting in the evening.

April 2, 1864

another rainy day, we have accomplished a great deal of work this week

April 3, 1864

a cloudy disagreeable day, Mr. Storrsvery eloquent indeed, the evening sermon very impressive.  Miserable singing (?) in the morning.

April 4, 1864

a clear pleasant day. Mrs. Brown, Charlie and I went to Williamsburg, cold and windy before night.  Ch. B. Austin and Addie came in the evening.

April 5, 1864

a disagreeable day, too cold to clean house.  Our folks down to Mrs. Sherman’s in the evening.

April 6, 1864

clear but not very pleasant, rain and windy, became more like spring towards night, attended Mr. Luquer’s funeral, call’d on Mary Bill, the Taintors call’d in the evening, Mrs. Chase came.

April 7, 1864

quite a pleasant day, Spring like, Mary over to the fair, I took Charlie out in the morning.

April 8, 1864

I took Mrs. Chase to the fair, the day was pleasant, we had a good time but came home awfully tired, a lovely day, it appears like spring

April 9, 1864

cold again, a dismal day, appearance of a storm

April 10, 1864

came on to rain in the night, a very unpleasant  driving storm, continued all night, attended the 2 services, very few in church

April 11, 1864

still damp and some rain, cold as anything, but April.  Our folks out at Arrowsmiths.

April 12, 1864

another damp morning, cut out shirts and set the work merrily, Mary over to the City, fire at the pavilion, Giles Taintor came to tell of Henry’s illness

April 13, 1864

wet again, went down to Columbia St. to help take care of Henry [Taintor], watched all night with him, poor fellow, he seems on the brink of Eternity, it rained and showered all day

April 14, 1864

still damp and cloudy, came home and found Mary Cary sick, not downstairs.  Mary L. in bed all day with head ache, it had the appearance of clearing this evening.

April 15, 1864

a pleasant morning, have work, Eliza hard to get along with, Mary over to Mrs. Hastings, cloudy and cold.  I call’d at Taintors.

April 16, 1864

clear and pleasant in the morn, but rain and cloudy in the after part of the day, down to Greenwood, Aunt Lydia call’d, appearance of rain.

April 17, 1864

a lovely clear morning, Mr.  Storrs preach’d, cloudy and disagreeable in the afternoon, our folks over to HastingsMrs. Chase call’d here.

April 18, 1864

Mary C. no better, clean’d our spare bedroom, Eliza and I.  K. Walker spent the day with us, clear in the morning, unpleasant in the after part of the day.  Charlie out with his Mother.

April 19, 1864

another lovely morn but raw and cold in the afternoon, a bright clear evening.  I call’d on Aunt Lydia.

April 20, 1864

clear early but a very raw unpleasant day.  Mary C. and I out making callsAunt Lydia came, Mary spent a while with us.

April 21, 1864

clear and pleasant in the morning, Charlie quite sick, feeling very anxious, cutting back teeth, a dismal afternoon

April 22, 1864

Charlie better, a lovely day, not very warm, very busy all day, sweeping parlour, etc. in the evening call’d to see H. L., he appears better, our folks down to call on Aunt Charlotte.

April 23, 1864

a damp morning, appearance of rain, cleared at noon.  Mary & Emilie out to the fair, I down to see Mary, she is better.

April 24, 1864

a lovely spring day, Charles Battell & his sister dined here, cloudy and threatened rain in the evening

April 25, 1864

raining all day, mild, accomplished considerable work, but house cleaning put back on account of Mary’s sickness & C.B. Austin’s wedding.

April 26, 1864

mild, cloudy and rain at intervals.  Kate Walker here, Charlie very cross, no washing done yet

April 27, 1864

rather more pleasant, but not settled weather, alternate clouds and sunshine, a heavy shower at sundown, clear’d with a cold wind, the bells are ringing for a large fire in New York.

April 28, 1864

a severe cold morning, cloudy and blustering, attended the Wedding [link], all went off finely, clear’d in the night, slight frost

April 29, 1864

clear and pleasant, a lovely day having washing done, the Gibsons call’d, Aunt Charlotte, Widow Loomis also, out at Church in the evening

April 30, 1864

mild and pleasant in the fore part of the day, cold, disagreeable in the eve. Mary came home.


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