Julia’s Friends and Community

Julia’s Friends and Neighbors

  • Nelsons
  • Hondlows
  • Dr. and Mrs. Wells
  • Morses — Aunt Rosetta Morse
  • Annie Colman (maried to Samuel Colman, painter in the Hudson River school)


  • Mary Cary
  • Ann Murphy

Robert Bulkeley’s Work Associates

  • Currie
  • Mr. Reed


  • Dr. Stone
  • Mr. Backus
  • Mr. Eells
  • Mr. Hatfield
  • Mr. Mead from South Hadley
  • Mr. Putnam (installed)
  • Mr. Storrs (also Mrs.)
  • Mr. Thompson
  • Mr. Willets
  • Prof. Brown


  • Owen Lovejoy – Congressman
  • Barney Williams (performer)
  • Curtis (talk)
  • Dr. Crane
  • John S.C. Abbot
  • McClellan (procession)
  • McMunn?

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