Julia and her Family

Julia Duncan – married to Erastus Worthington (d. —), Charles Edwin Bulkeley

Immediate Family:

  • Mary Worthington Loomis – Julia’s daughter (Julia’s sons had all died of tuberculosis by 1864, unfortunately)
  • Charles Battell Loomis – Mary’s husband, Julia’s son-in-law
  • Charlie Loomis (b. —) – Mary and Charles’ son, Julia’s grandson
  • Emilie Loomis (b. 1855) – Charles’ daughter by his first marriage

Family Connections:

  • Worthington (Julia’s first husband’s/Mary’s father’s family)
  • Collomb (Emilie Loomis’s mother’s family – Mrs. Collomb and “Grandpa” are Emilie’s grandparents)
  • Taintor (3 Taintor sisters married a Worthington, Bill, and Bulkeley)
  • Bulkeley (Julia’s first husband’s cousins, and second husband’s family – Aunt Lydia is a Bulkeley by marriage, Morgan by birth)
  • Bill (Charles and Mary, connected through Taintors)
  • Loomis (Charles Loomis’s family – Aunt Charlotte is Charles’s mother’s sister, Charlotte’s son Charles Battell Austin is married to Addie)
  • Austin (Charles Loomis’s maternal cousin, see Loomis)
  • Gillett (connected through the Bulkeleys; Cousin Mary is Dan’s mother, Gussie (Augusta) is Dan’s wife)
  • Brown (see Gillett; Gussie, Kitty and Lottie are sisters, Mrs. Brown is their mother)
  • Green (Mrs. W.A. Green was born a Morgan, her sister Lydia married a Bulkeley)
  • Morgan (see Bulkeley, Green; HP Morgan was married to Eunice)

Distant or Not Yet Connected:

  • Sherman (distant cousins of the Greens)
  • Gracie (Van Nostrand family)

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